ISSN 1392-8295 (Print), 2335-2388 (Online)

Peer Review Process

All articles submitted for publication to Respectus Philologicus are subject to approval by the CrossCheck (iThenticate Plagiarism Detection Software

The basic languages of the periodical are English, Lithuanian, Polish and Russian. The articles are published in the periodical only if they have never been published before in any of the basic languages of the journal. 

The Editorial Board of Respectus Philologicus gives priority to articles that correspond to the journal’s main trends. Articles that do not conform with Respectus Philologicus’s profile are accepted for publication in a limited quantity – no more than two articles per issue. Accepted articles are published in accordance with the order of their arrival to the Board.

Submissions are reviewed by at least two academics appointed by the Editorial Board.

If a positive and negative evaluation is obtained, a third independent expert is appointed to evaluate the article.

Reviews are double-blind and all reviewers stay anonymous. 

The editorial board decides to publish the article only after receiving two positive assessments, as well as having improved the article by the author, taking into account the evaluators' suggestions and advice.

The dates of submission and acceptance for publication of the paper are indicated by the editors at the end of the published manuscript.







The periodical is published twice a year:  April 25 and October 25.


Submissions for the autumn issue are accepted until June 1, 

and for the spring issue until December 1.